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Cerebrovascular Accidents

After a stroke, muscles may not remember how to perform actions that were once simple, like sitting and walking. A stroke patient will need to relearn these skills with the help of physical therapy. Ulloa Physical Therapy Program retrains muscles and reminds them how to work together again.

cerebrovascularUlloa Physical Therapy Program evaluate and treat the deficits that stroke patients are left with, the musculoskeletal deficits. We will start in acute care, with early mobilization of the patient and exercises, focuses on to use limbs that have been weakened or paralyzed by the stroke.

Ulloa Physical Therapy Program works best when it is started early and is continued regularly, usually a few times each week. Slowly but surely, your body will start to remember and respond, and repair the damage done by stroke.



I had total knee replacement surgery on 12Aug14. Jorge was my surgeon´s choice, and a lucky one for me, for rehab therapy. Jorge is very knowledgeable and encouraging, which helped me to try hard and to do my best. He worked carefully and attentively to ensure that I was ready to progress to ...

Carole Morgan
Oct 09, 2014


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