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Sports Injuries

Injuries are common while participating in organized sports, competitions, training exercises, or fitness activities.

Poor training methods, inadequate warm-up, and lack of conditioning are a few of the causes of sports injuries. For example: “Fatigue and overuse are also significant contributors to an injury, and not excluding also the psychosocial aspects and dehydration that cause athletes to be prone to injuries.

Ulloa Physical therapy helps people rebuild strength and movement in parts of their body after an injury. Therapy can also help someone manage pain and prevent permanent damage and recurring problems. We will examine a patient to determine if there are weak or inflexible muscles in the body that could make you more prone to an injury.

Common Sports Injuries

According to the National Institutes of Health, USA. The most common sports injuries include sprains, strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, shin splints, fractures, and dislocations.

These injuries should be appropriately addressed in order to keep the athlete safe. It is useful to examine the biomechanics of an athlete participating in a particular sport.
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It is common for these athletes to develop similar injuries such as lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), inflammation or pain on the outside of the upper arm near the elbow; medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), inflammation or pain on the inner side of the upper arm near the elbow; or “Tommy John” injury for pitchers, which is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow.

Sports Injuries and Treatment

Physical therapists need to understand the involved and injured structure and the extent of the injury before treating it.

Rehabilitation of an injured athlete should carefully be evaluated on a daily basis. Injuries are time dependent, which means that the normal healing process follows a pattern of acute phase, subacute phase, and chronic phase.

The acute phase involves the R.I.C.E. (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) principle, which allows for healing to take place and controls inflammation.

The subacute phase also is a control motion phase, however the athlete may carefully perform active-assisted range of motion exercises and strengthening exercises. And the chronic phase is a return to function phase in which the athlete progressively returns to pre-injury workout routines.

Concussions are one of the most difficult-to-manage injuries in sports today. Ulloa Physical Therapists are an integral part in the multidisciplinary approach to the identification and treatment of these injuries.

The physical therapy in this case would be the first line of defense for the patient and can provide the patient with a home exercise program to perform, as well as instruct the patient on things to avoid such as removal from play/activity, decreased workload, limited reading, decreased video game playing, and decreased outside activities that would increase stimulation to the brain.



I just finished 12 sessions with Jorge after a hip replacement. As this was my second hip replacement and having been treated by several physical therapist in the past, I thought I knew what to do. However, a good friend of mine kept talking about Jorge and as her improvements after working with ...

Carla Vander Ploeg
Nov 08, 2014


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