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Our treatments allow patients the safest and fastest possible return to full activity.

about Then we go one step further. All patients are given conditioning, flexibility and strengthening programs which are performed and monitored at our on-site gym. This allows patients to achieve a quicker and safer recovery by avoiding incorrect techniques and over exertion which may increase the chance of re-injury.



Oscar Risueño Altamente recomendable el PT. Jorge Ulloa, es el 1er profesional que conozco en 25 años que he estado por Chapala, da resultados en la primera hora, no teme mostrar que sí es un profesional (título legalizado y demás documentación en regla y actualizada), un amplio dominio so...

Oscar Risueño
Nov 22, 2010


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Jorge Ulloa
Cel. +52 (1) 333 190 0642
Hidalgo #44 Int. 103 (Fracc. Riberas del Pilar)
C.P. 45906 - Chapala, Jalisco, México
Tel: +52 (376) 108 1532

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